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Jewana White

Happiness  Health  Wealth

Let  Me Guide ~U~
 On Becoming

Your Own Energy  Reviver

DownLoad Your 4 Simple Steps To
VIBE UP Your Energy

Hello I'm Jewana 

I am on a mission to revolutionize health care by bringing it back to self care.

As the Dalai Lama said, “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional.”

I went from living in pain, physically, mentally and financially,  to living a life of freedom!
What makes me Happier, Healthier and Wealthier?
I am here to tell you this is a inside job. If you feel like most
"every time I take a step forward I get pushed two steps backward"
I am living proof you can be free from that suffering!


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Does This Sound Like You?

  • ​Are you smart, driven and in control of your life? But You still feel a void?
  • Have You done everything you have been told to do, to live Happy, Healthier and Wealthier?"
  • Do you find yourself frustated, Angry or living in regret?
  • ​Are You Tired Of Repeating Life challenges. Broken relationships, limited money and pain in your body?

If Yes.. Then You are
In Good Company!

Join The Movement

Welcome to a new, positive solution that gives you FREEDOM in a relationship with YOU
Allowing You to look at yourself without FEAR!

Empowering you with the tools that gives your POWER back!
Enabling you to decide what is right for you!

We are Conscious CREATORS focused on freedom.
We rise up and take conscious ACTION.
We are BOLD enough to push the limits and create a better reality.

We are committed to building a life that matters.
A life driven by PURPOSE and fueled by PASSION
We are committed to POSITIVE INFINITE THOUGHTS so we can rise up and be FREE EVERYDAY!



VIBE UP Adventure

Conscious Clinics

What others Are sayING 

For years, I struggled with chronic illness and pain,
I felt like my body was constantly working against me.
I discovered the power of natural medicine and holistic healing practices.

Through a combination of Jewana's recommendations of herbal remedies, acupuncture, and mindfulness practices.

I started to feel more in tune with my body and its needs.
I learned that my body was not my enemy, but a powerful ally in my healing journey.

Now, I am healthier and more vibrant than ever before,

Spent Most Of My Life Feeling Lost And Disconnected, But Working With Jewana

I Discovered The Power Of Meditation And Mindfulness.

Through Daily Practice, I Started To Tap Into A Sense Of Awareness And Connection.

I Began To See My Own Unique Gifts And Began Using Them.

Now, I feel More Centered And Grounded, with a
Clear Sense Of Direction.

I Am Grateful For The Power Of Mindfulness And Helping Me Awakening To It

I used to feel disconnected from my body and my own personal power.

But through practicing running my own energy and paying attention to my thoughts and words.

I was able to awaken to the power I have within.

I learned to listen to my body's needs and desires, and I started to trust my intuition more.

I was able to lower my blood pressure by practicing my treatment plan.

Jewana Has guided me to trust myself and live an authentic life.
L. Joseph